Just 15 minutes

I all too often seem to end up jamming my dance practice into small spots in my day.  At first I felt bad about this, but then I realised how just those 15 minutes were slowly building my skill and my body strength.  So here’s some tips for jamming your practice into small bits of time:

  • even 5 minutes dance is worth doing 🙂
  • do a warm up – e.g. I often do pulsed squats with arm circles, and then move into some hip circles and 8s before trying anything more demanding.  This keep my conditioning programme going and helps prevent me injuring myself.
  • focus on one or two key things – e.g. I’m trying to build my ATS body wave flexibility and strengthen my arm undulations.  In 15 minutes, I can work on both of these enough to keep me progressing.  At other times, I’ve run through dances a time or three (depending on the length).
  • You can still work up a sweat in a short time, so try to leave time for showering after!

And when you really don’t have any time to practice:

  • Play dance music to accompany housework – shimmy while you wash up or vacuum!  As well as giving you a  chance to move, this can also be a good way to accustom yourself to your music – the more you hear it, the better you’ll know it.
  • Play dance music in your car – another good way to learn your music.  But remember: no undulating while driving!
  • Run through a move, combo or a choreography in your head before going to sleep – amazingly, this can be an excellent learning aid.  Make sure you focus on performing the move/s correctly; you don’t want to reinforce bad habits.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nadira Jamal
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 14:58:01

    Heh, I wrote an article on this too:

    Another tip for when you really can’t practice: play “air zils”.


  2. verdant1
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 21:55:25

    Thanks for the link – I knew I’d read something about this topic somewhere, but could I find it when I wanted to link to it…
    Think I’d better add your blog to Blogroll!
    Love the idea of ‘air zils’ – maybe we should have competitons, like the air guitar dudes do?! Or maybe not!


  3. Nadira Jamal
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 22:00:59

    There are air guitar competitions? Wow.


  4. verdant1
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 23:14:31

    Yep, there are:
    We even have a national championship here in NZ!
    But don’t feel like you’re missing out – there’s one in the USA too:
    You can even Google for videos if you’re desperate!!

    The world’s a scary place some days!


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