Life, dance and procrastination

Trying to fit life around dance, or dance around life, is always going to be a juggling act for me.  As well as my dancing commitments, I have work and family commitments to fit in each day.  This is not something I find particularly easy.

However, if I’m honest, the regular commitments – the ones that come with set times and obvious responsibilities – I do find straightforward.  I can get to work on time, I can pick up my kids on time, I can prepare for and lead a class on time.  Where I fall down is the commitments with non-set times, and most especially the ones where I have no one to answer to but myself.  Which is when the procrastination comes in.  Unfortunately, it is also when my own dance practice comes in.

Confession time: I really struggle to practice.  I have goals and aspirations for where I would like to take my dancing, but what I really aspire to (apart from being able to do back bends on the floor) is to have good practice habits.  To be honest, I don’t know here to start.  Whatever routines I have tried to set up I seem to end up sabotaging or the kids get sick or it’s school holidays again (school holidays are great for destroying my routines!), and I don’t know how to fix it.

I want to practice my dance every day.  By this I don’t mean, the listening to music in the car or while doing chores, I don’t mean the shimmying and grooving to whatever music happens to be playing at home (usually Queen – thanks kids!), and I certainly don’t mean reading dance blogs and watching Youtube.  Not that there is anything wrong with any of these things, but they do not count as the formal practice I need (and indeed crave).

I wish I could figure out my psychology enough to fix it.  Apparently, being answerable to myself just isn’t enough (though it can help me spend endless hours beating myself up for not doing the things I could have been doing in the time I was beating myself up!). But, maybe, just maybe, I can try making myself answerable to you, dear readers…

So (deep breath) I hereby commit myself to practicing at least 10 minutes everyday from today (even if I have to stay up later to do it – getting up earlier just ain’t gonna fly!)

And I will regularly report my progress with this to you (as well as finding the time and brain to write some other posts, too).

Right, off to dance now…

(BTW – thank you :-))

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