Right, time for some light-heartedness and hopefully a few giggles.

Definotion is a term I’ve created for words made by changing just one letter of a familiar word, with hopefully humourous definitions.

Here’s some belly dance ones I’ve come up with – some from standard English, some from dance terminology.  These do take some liberties with terms from Arabic – hopefully, there’s nothing too offensive.  The changed letter is underlined.

Bafla – an obscure concept dance performance

Bedlem – the effect created by serious costume malfunction

Bidlam – what happens when too many dancers want to win the same online auction

Chili – a costume that isn’t quite warm enough

Curmedgeon – a “grumpy old” dancer

Hababi/habubi – a pregnant belly dancer

Hammus – an excessively melodramatic performance

Hufla – a fast paced group choroegraphy

Shake arms –  a condition caused by performing excessive arm undulations

Turdan – a badly tied head dress

Yummus – post performance supper


Now, add yours in the Comments 🙂



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